Tasty and Delicious Granola Candy Bars
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Tasty and Delicious Granola Candy Bars

When I was a kid, I always wanted to go to other peoples’ houses for playdates. Not because I didn’t like my own home. Because of the snacks.

Tasty and Delicious Granola Candy Bars

Although my childhood diet included a fair amount of donuts and microwaved hot dogs, my mother had very distinct ideas of what was okay to eat on the regular, and what was not. Honey Nut Cheerios, okay. Lucky Charms, not okay. Granola bars, sure. Granola bars covered in chocolate, nope.

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My friend’s pantries were stocked with these things, also known as Kudos, which are somehow legally sanctioned to be labeled granola bars and marketed as a healthy snack, but definitely wouldn’t pass my mom’s test by a long shot.

So, I had to get creative to have access to said saccharine granola bar slathered with oozy, sweetened peanut butter, covered in a thick coating of milk chocolate. My teeth hurt just thinking about them now, but holy heck was they transcendent to my seven-year-old self.

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I would put up with all kinds of games I didn’t want to play, cartoons I didn’t want to watch, even annoying little sisters, just to have access to the cupboard of Kudos bars after school.

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